Saturday, June 20, 2015

Spotlight: Lauryn Quilter

We are so happy to welcome Lauryn Quilter into our ward!

Where did you grow up? What is one of your favorite things about your home town?

I grew up in Spring City, UT. It's very small and I loved going for walks--to church or just around town. It's just different than the city. 

How did you meet your husband? 

We worked together at Mesa Vista in Orem--a home for people with mental disabilities. He started working there before his mission and came back after, and I started about a week after he got back. We worked about one shift a week together and I didn't talk to him much because I was too focused on work. Then a new guy started and I was interested in him...I found out he was Daniel's roommate. But after spending time around both of them, I decided--never mind! I have more in common with Daniel! So I told him I liked him and he asked me out. Our first date was rock climbing.

What are you doing now? What are you studying/where do you work?

I'm working at DoTerra in the returns department in Pleasant Grove. I used to go to Snow College for awhile, then took some time off, and now am taking a few classes from UVU online. I'm studying social work. 

What's your favorite dessert?

Ice cream and chocolate!

What do you usually do with your Saturdays? Or what do you wish you could do?

Right now I work a second job on Saturdays cleaning for a company in Orem--which I actually like because I like to clean! Though it can be stressful since it's a job. We also love to go hiking or rock climbing. 

What is your biggest guilty pleasure? 

My husband and I like to watch Netflix a lot. We just finished Psych and now we're watching Monk all the way through. 

What is your favorite...

Movie: Tangled
Book: I'm not a huge reader, but I like the book Gifted Hands by Ben Carson. It's his personal story about how he got where he is today. 
TV Show: Monk
Band/Singer: Christina Perry 

Who is your husband's celebrity crush?

I picked Selena Gomez for him. He picked Kate Beckinsale. 

What is your favorite scripture and why?

Moroni 7:48. I like it because it talks about how when we see Christ we'll know who He is, and we'll recognize Him because we lived like Him. 

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